Authenticity is all the buzz. Many workplaces are encouraging employees to bring their best, most authentic selves to their jobs. But what does it actually mean to be authentic?

Kim and Louise are joined this week by their guest, author and realtor Serena Holmes, as they explore ways to develop and maintain authenticity, why it’s hard to live an authentic life, and the benefits of being true to yourself.

Prior to becoming a realtor, Serena ran her own multi-award winning brand experience agency called Tigris Events. Her book chronicles how she went from surviving a troubled childhood to a self-styled, multi-faceted entrepreneur. She can be found on social @serenaholmesrealtor & @serenaholmesauthor (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) and LinkedIn at


For more about Serena, check her out at:

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Show Highlights

  • Hellos & Welcome (0:00)
  • What are you celebrating (2:06)
  • Serena’s celebration of 2019. (2:34)
  • How did you get from there to here? –. (6:43)
  • What do you love about what you do? (10:51)
  • How do you authentically start to think about making shifts if that’s what interests you? (15:32)
  • The importance of being authentic in your business. (20:33)
  • The more authentic you are, the more impactful you will be. (25:39)
  • Owning who we are and what we do. (30:42)
  • The importance of alignment and authenticity in relationships. (37:28)
  • Serena’s code of authenticity (41:00)
  • Next week on Kickass Conversations Sabrina Lindner and Creating a Plan Forward

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