Career Courage Project

It’s hard to know what to do, even harder to put it into action!

When you know something doesn’t feel quite right at work, sometimes it feels pretty good to imagine a new challenge. For a moment you leave all the bullshit and stress behind you. You dream about a job where you have value and contribution; the work is meaningful and the hours and pay fit your lifestyle.

But is the grass greener? You start to imagine leaving a position you have worked hard to get. All of your training and education prepared you for this one thing…and now that you have it, it doesn’t fit as it should. Worried about leaving it behind and risking what you have.


You're not alone!

It isn’t just about having any job, it’s about having the ideal one.


When you are working at a job you love you:

  • Have more time with those who are important
  • Connected back into your life
  • Valued + appreciated at work
  • Confident + energized


Working through the uncertainty and coming out with a clear plan that you are connected to can be easier to do in a group. When you are surrounded by people who are on the same journey, the connection and network can provide you with the motivation and clarity you are looking for in your search for work that fits.


This community can provide:

  • Expanded community and network
  • Expanded job search strategies + opportunities
  • Support and encouragement
  • Learning from the challenges others have faced

What’s included:


This 5-week intensive group is the fastest way for you to uncover what you want and create a plan to get you there. After the 5-weeks, it’s not so long, but the support continues as you gain entrance into the Career Courage Might Network. Here you have an opportunity to continue your discovery, recieve support and have all your questions answered.



  1. 5 weekly live coaching calls
  2. Webinars + Self-study guides
  3. Weekly challenges
  4. Tips on resume tailoring, networking and job searching
  5. Weekly Ask Me Anything sessions
  6. 12 month membership into the Career Courage Mighty Network


Want more than one masterclass?

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