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Online and hands-on with Louise Neil

Career Search Success

March 10th -April 14th 2021 , Online

Looking for a career change can be overwhelming often not knowing what you are looking for as you search the job boards. In this 5 week course, you will acquire the skills you need to be successful in crafting your own kickass career.

In addition to getting the skills + resources you need to transition into your next career, this class comes with a community of support and as a result, you see results so much quicker.

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Join others in Your Kickass Career community, free for 2 months, for the accountability and ideas you need to implement what you learn, as you go. 

5-Week Course



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Your Kickass Career Community


A community of humans looking to reinvent themselves to amplify our impact on the world so that we can tap into our inner strength and curiosity and open ourselves to more joy feeling more fulfilled at work and in our lives.

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This is a unique community where you get all the resources and support you need to create your own kickass career. It’s one thing to have the tools to discover what you want from your career and then a whole different ball of wax to figure out how to actually make it happen. 

Co-hosted by Louise Neil and Kim Romain, these certified life, career, executive and somatic coaches,  get to the core of what is keeping you stuck in work that no longer fits or feels good.

Get back to enjoying your whole life.



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Lunch + Learn

Discovering Your Superpower


Starting January 20th, join Louise Neil and Kim Romain, founders of Your Kickass Career, in a series of 4 weekly webinars helping you uncover your unique superpowers so you can craft your own kickass career

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Free Workshop

Get a Handle on Change – Time Management + Action


In the one-hour FREE workshop, get the TOOLS you need to overcome overwhelm when you are navigating a career change. When a career transition is what you need, the added stress and anxiety on top of everything else can feel almost too much. Join me for an hour where you can get control back over your life and finally take charge in your career.

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Overcoming Overwhelm


As part of the You Matter Too event being held virtually, Louise will deliver Overcoming Overwhelm – A Roadmap to Greater Ease webinar. Above all, this presentation will provide you with the foundational elements you need to find and bring more ease into your life. As a result, you leave with the tools to take action, even in the midst of what feels like chaos.

Tickets Available through Your Matter Too.