Career Search Success

5 Week Intensive + Community

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In this 5-week class, you will learn all you need to know to be successful in your search for something new when it comes to your career AND get access to YOUR KICKASS CAREER community.

Whether you are looking to pivot completely into something brand new or you are looking to up your game and get a promotion, or even if you are just tired of doing the same old same old and you want something different. This class will provide you with what you need. 

Find a kickass career that fits and feels good!!


It doesn’t always feel like you are in charge of your career. The most common dominating thought in our career search is “there is nothing out there that I am qualified to do!” usually followed by the thought that you should be grateful to have a job right now. Which…are just not true. I designed this class to not only bust open those stories but also provide you with the skills you need to craft your kickass career.

This is not your ordinary course!

In addition to the live classes, what makes this unique is that we have a community of people here to support, learn and grow with one another. You will gain the skills needed to create your career blueprint and your unique career renovation AND get the support you need to make it happen.

This community is about putting those things you have learned into action.
And I’m with you every step of the way. This community is live, fun and interactive with tips, tricks and resources for the length of the class and beyond!

I’ve learned from my creating my own kickass career, we are more successful, together.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to discover your personal strengths and impact
  • How to communicate your value
  • How to develop a compelling personal brand
  • How to quickly get your resume and LinkedIn Profile noticed
  • How to network your way to a new opportunity
  • How to authentically show up and ace the interview
  • How to set goals that make sense for you
  • How to track and measure your successes


5 60-minute content classes

5 - 30 minute weekly office hours

Downloads and templates to get you started faster

FREE access to YOUR KICKASS CAREER Mighty Network Community