It happens when we aren’t paying attention.

Ending up in a career role that doesn’t fit us anymore. Only about 20% of North Americans are passionate about the work they do – which means the sweater isn’t fitting as well as it once was. And that is mostly do to our change in values – they often change more quickly than our career choices do and we only take note if we are paying attention.

Values play a pivotal role in shaping your professional path. By aligning your career choices with your core values, you can experience greater satisfaction, authenticity, and overall happiness. Let’s delve into the world of values and discover how they can positively impact your career.

Understanding the Essence of Values

We all have them but we rarely take the time to put language to them and define what they mean for ourselves. Values are the guardrails we use to keep us on track when making career choices.

  1. Defining Your Values: Start by reflecting on your personal values. These are the guiding principles that define who you are, what you stand for, and what matters most to you. Take time to identify and prioritize them. Are you passionate about creativity, integrity, collaboration, or making a difference? The key is to uncover the values that resonate deeply with your soul.
  2. Embracing Authenticity: When crafting your career, stay true to yourself and embrace authenticity. Aligning your career choices with your values enables you to show up as your genuine self. This consistency fosters a sense of personal fulfillment, fosters stronger relationships, and attracts opportunities that are in harmony with your aspirations.

The Importance of Values in Career Crafting

I have spoken to many clients who feel like their personal values have no place in their work life. That if they have a value of family for example, then it has nothing to do with their career choice or their choice of employer. And I am here to say that just isn’t true. If your personal values are misaligned with what you do and where you do it, it is going to feel crunchy.

  1. Greater Job Satisfaction: When your career aligns with your values, work becomes more than just a means to an end. It becomes a fulfilling pursuit that brings you joy, meaning, and a sense of accomplishment. Whether it’s pursuing a career in social justice, environmental conservation, or entrepreneurship, your values provide a compass to navigate the professional landscape.
  2. Enhanced Motivation and Drive: When you are driven by values, you possess an inherent motivation to succeed. Challenges become opportunities for growth, and setbacks become stepping stones towards achieving your goals. By staying connected to your values, you cultivate a resilient mindset and maintain the enthusiasm necessary to overcome obstacles.

Tips for Infusing Values into Your Career

  1. Research and Exploration: Conduct thorough research on industries, companies, and job roles that align with your values. Seek out organizations with a mission and culture that resonate with your core principles. Explore various sectors and network with professionals to gain insights into how your values can be integrated into different career paths.
  2. Communicate Your Values: During interviews and networking opportunities, effectively communicate your values to potential employers. Demonstrate how your values align with their organization’s mission and culture. This not only showcases your authenticity but also helps employers understand your commitment and dedication.
  3. Seek Mentorship: Connect with mentors or professionals who share your values and have successfully integrated them into their careers. Learn from their experiences, seek guidance, and gain inspiration to stay true to your values while navigating the professional landscape.
  4. Regular Self-Assessment: Periodically evaluate your career path to ensure it remains aligned with your values. As you grow and evolve, your values may also evolve. Regularly assessing your values helps you make adjustments, explore new opportunities, and stay connected to what truly matters to you.

Crafting your career with values as your guiding star is a powerful way to live a purposeful and fulfilling professional life. By understanding your core values, embracing authenticity, and seeking opportunities that align with them, you can create a career that is not only successful but also deeply satisfying. Remember, the journey towards a values-driven career is an ongoing process of self-discovery and growth. Embrace it wholeheartedly, and let your values illuminate your path to success.

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