Career Journey Roadmap

It can feel like a crossroads and you know what got you here won’t get you there. Stuck between knowing what you don’t want and not knowing what you do want.

It’s that part of the journey where you don’t want to start over but you feel like you are on the wrong path.


It’s that part of the road trip where you could really use a map!


When you are kicking tires and searching the job boards, that’s a sign you are ready for a journey.

But where do you start?

Are you ready for something completely new or a new approach?

You can drive around aimlessly if you don’t have a destination.


Road Trip Tips to Enjoying your Career Journey


Learning Resource Creator

This has been a wonderful experience, I wouldn’t have been able to get out of my “funk” without Louise’s help. I needed someone with an outside perspective and she was super patient and helped me take a step back, breathe, and realize that I have major skills to offer.



Systems Thinker

This program was just what I needed to get heading in the right direction with my career. I was dealing with so much this past year that I struggled prioritizing my new career goals–but having the support and understanding, and the activities to slowly work on through the program helped me make changes that I couldn’t have made on my own.



System Administrator

Louise delivered tips and guidance on all parts of the job search and provided some deep insights into my strengths and abilities. I gained confidence and clarity while working with Louise as my coach. I have increased my network and opportunities and after just a few short months, seeing an increase in the quantity and quality of opportunities coming my way. I am looking forward to continuing with Louise as every time we meet, we uncover yet another place to grow.