Working With Louise

How Do I Know Coaching is Right for ME?

Coaching is a partnership using a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

The best way to know if this is the right way for you to get started on being your fullest and best self is to schedule a Clarity call. In the call we get an opportunity to connect and for you to ask all the questions you need. Coaching is about getting you on the right path, discovering a destination and getting you a map. I do these calls all on my own time because I know how important and vital they are when uncovering your courageous self.

When you feel there is something more for you….there is.


Coaching Packages

Career Renovation Group Project

Looking for clarity and direction and would prefer to do it in a group setting? This 8-week intensive helps clarify where it is you want to go in your professional life. Limited spaces available.

Career Renovation Program

An 8 week intensive program focused on getting you clarity, direction and action towards what you most desire. Looking to launch your own business but not sure if you can do it? Looking to take that next step in your career but aren’t sure exactly what the looks like? Looking to reinvent yourself and launch into a new industry or field of study? Knowing where you are, where you want to go and a route to take you there are the only 3 things you need to go from stuck to totally rocking it. Or maybe completely overwhelmed by the mere thought of it all. Then this is the program for you.

From Curiosity to Courage Premium Coaching Package

Looking for more resources and accountability? Have a big life change hanging in the wings? Or are you so overwhelmed by the choice of it all? This very personalized program starts out by getting crystal clear on your unique situation and set of challenges. With more flexibility in scheduling and more time to digest and implement  some big changes this private program is designed especially for you.