On this week’s episode, Kim and Louise are joined by their guest coach and author Sabrina Lindner as they discuss what it looks like to create a plan forward. Chock filled with stories, anecdotes, and some tangible tips and techniques on how to do just that, you won’t want to miss this joyfully kickass conversation.

Known for her impactful work as a creative life coach, growth mentor, author and podcaster, Sabrina supports people from diverse backgrounds in unshackling themselves from whatever it is that holds them back from living the life they truly dream of. You can learn more about Sabrina at:


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Show Highlights

  • Welcome & Hellos
  • Celebrate living your dreams. (0:42)
  • How to have it all without losing ourselves. (3:30)
  • When one area of your life is not working, it leaks into all the other areas. (5:55)
  • Sabrina’s life and career journey. (10:05)
  • How to make a change when you are stuck in a situation. (16:22)
  • What does it take to take the next step? (22:01)
  • Is it okay not to have all the answers? (28:46)
  • Sometimes we don’t know what we know. (34:05)
  • Tips and techniques for moving forward from centeredness. (39:38)
  • What does it feel like to be in alignment with your values? (40:35)
  • The practicality of dreaming and the importance of pausing. (47:51)
  • Coming Up Next Week – Catherine Mattice and the Power of Assessments (52:43)

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