Interviewing is terrifying and awkward to most folks. When you are looking for a new opportunity, you can get stuck in trying to figure out what the “right” answer might be. With this download, craft your answers that describe your impact and communicate your strengths, skills and values.

And interviewing is awkward because it is not part of our every day life.

And then practice. Start with reading it, and then going to point notes. You’re answers are flexible and speak to the particular job you are applying for but they will come off very smooth. When you can confidently answer these questions, it allows you to clearly communicate. And at the end of the day, that is what an interview is all about; it is a conversation around what problem the company has and how you are the perfect solution.

Start with these most common questions and then do your research into the company or industry you are looking to pivot into. People love to share and that keeps you focused on the most likely questions.

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