We have heard numerous times good leaders are characterized by their ability to empower their teams to achieve maximum success. But what does it actually mean to empower others?

On this episode we’re joined by our guest Gianna Rahmani (often referred to as “G”), co-founder of Day Hustle, an angel employment company, as we discuss what it means to empower others, why it’s important, and how to do it.

This lively discussion centers around empowering others in our teams, our businesses, and our lives.

G is on a mission to spread the word about angel employment to help others break free from their golden handcuffs.
You can learn more about G at:

Show Highlights

  • Hellos & Welcome 0:00 Weekly Check-in time 1:04
  • Introduction of our Guest Gianna Rahmani 5:09
  • G’s Career Journey 6:36
  • Today’s topic Empowering Others 12:45
  • My Favourite F Words 13:13
  • Faith in yourself 14:00
  • Freedom when you’re empowering others 15:06
  • Fulfillment in doing what you’re meant to be doing 16:17
  • Bring more Fun to the surface 16:48
  • The Fundamentals of Empowering yourself first 18:06
  • Angel Employment brings focus 20:47
  • How do we best empower others as leaders 23:46
  • What’s the challenge that holds people back 25:31
  • The Freedom of letting it go 28:07
  • Important V Urgent Just like Stephen Covey 32:05
  • The Investment of time 34:32
  • Golden Nuggets 39:49
  • Your Kickass Career Collective 43:06
  • The Feasts of Persia 44:47
  • Next Week on Kickass Conversations – Kim Downey and Managing Emotions

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