Often, we allow perfectionism to get in our way. It can stymie our progress and keeps us from truly performing at our best.

As recovering perfectionists themselves, Kim and Louise shared a mentor who instilled in them the idea that “it’s ALL an experiment.” That idea has become a keystone in both of their lives and their businesses.

What’s possible if you allow yourself to see life, work, everything as an experiment instead of something that needs to be perfected?

On this week’s episode, Louise and Kim will explore this idea with their guest Jacinthe Koddo of Koddo & Co. Consulting Inc., a serial entrepreneur with 6 businesses started, 4 failures, and 2 growing successes. Jacinthe learned the ins-and-outs of business finance over the last decade—and not always the easy way!

You can learn more about Jacinthe at:




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Show Highlights

  • What are you celebrating this week? (0:14)
  • Marketing is a great word. (2:47)
  • How she got into management accounting and business finance. (7:40)
  • Learning about money in high school. (12:41)
  • How to craft an experiment. (19:12)
  • It’s all about the data. (25:44)
  • The importance of beta-mode. (27:42)
  • How to enter the mindful liminal space. (32:27)
  • Finding your own way is an experiment. (38:41)
  • What’s your golden Nugget? (43:58)
  • Next Episode: Cultivating Courage with Aideen Ni Riada (48:59)

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