Courage can be tough to find when your stuck.

It will hold you back from making decisions or taking actions you really want to make.

A healthy dose of courage is just what the doctor ordered. Courage doesn’t always mean we’re not afraid. Sometimes, it means being scared, worried, unsure AND finding a way to do what we need to do.

Courage involves recognizing fear and embracing it.

In this episode, Kim and Louise will be joined by their guest, Intuitive Voice Coach and Singer, Aideen Ni Riada Wolpe, to discuss what it takes to cultivate courage in our lives.

Aideen blends her knowledge of psychology, spirituality and voice training to uncover the hidden treasure within your voice and helps you transform your self-doubt into self-confidence.

To learn more about Aideen, check out:

Show Highlights

  • Aideen’s celebrations. (0:00)
  • How to take your voice into speaking. (3:40)
  • Becoming a business owner. (10:01)
  • How we block off the creative side of our brains. (17:15)
  • Taking yourself more seriously. (20:44)
  • How courage shows up in your voice. (27:53)
  • The power of taking a moment to pause. (34:03)
  • The importance of being significant in your own life. (39:45)
  • Golden Nuggets (44:38)

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