“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success.” – Henry Ford

Building a team is the easy part. Having the team work well together, that’s the hard part. It takes synergy to make it work.

What are the best ways to develop synergy for your team? That’s what Kim and Louise will be discussing in this episode of Kickass Conversations.

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Show Highlights

  • What are you celebrating today? (0:00)
  • Step away from the thing that’s sticky and find the flow. (3:31)
  • Where are the synergies coming from? (8:35)
  • The definition of the word synergistic. (13:59)
  • Accountability as part of the synergy bucket. (19:04)
  • The power of having divergent perspectives on work. (25:20)
  • How do you start to accept help from others? (31:23)
  • Synergy thrives with a growth mindset. (37:23)

Next Episode – Resourcing Your Energy with Shelley Smartly

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