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This page is full of the resorces I use with my one on one clients as well as some engaging activities from my group coaching. 

Download and keep for yourself. You’ll find that you want to come back to them. A career renovation is an on going process of refining and adding all the finishing touches until it feels just right.


From Obstacles to Opportunities

This downloadable word documents is designed to help you start seeing obstacles not as things to be overcome but learning oppotunities put there to help you grow. 

Download your copy now.

The Why of Goals

This downloadable PFD is loaded with the hard questions that get you closer to the “why” of your goal. It is only when we are truly connected to the feelings that those goals bring us, do we actually set out with determination and desire to achieve them.

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Start your Interview Here…

This downloadable PFD is loaded with the 5 most common behavioural interview questions. Start here with crafting then practice your answers. 

Remember that an interview is just a conversation with a purpose of you communicating your value.

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Crafting a Courageous Conversation

This downloadable PFD is a worksheet designed to help you clarify and focus that tough conversation you’ve been avoiding. 

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Your Kickass Career Community

A community of humans looking to reinvent themselves to amplify our impact on the world so that we can tap into our inner strength and curiosity and open ourselves to more joy feeling more fulfilled at work and in our lives.

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This is a unique community where you get all the resources and support you need to create your own kickass career. It’s one thing to have the tools to discover what you want from your career and then a whole different ball of wax to figure out how to actually make it happen. 

Co-hosted by Louise Neil and Kim Romain, these certified life, career, executive and somatic coaches,  get to the core of what is keeping you stuck in work that no longer fits or feels good.

Get back to enjoying your whole life.



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