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This page is full of the resorces I use with my one on one clients as well as some engaging activities from my group coaching. 

Download and keep for yourself. You’ll find that you want to come back to them. A career renovation is an on going process of refining and adding all the finishing touches until it feels just right.


From Obstacles to Opportunities

This downloadable word document is designed to help you start seeing obstacles not as things to be overcome but learning oppotunities put there to help you grow.

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Start your Interview Here…

This downloadable PFD is loaded with the 5 most common behavioural interview questions. Start here with crafting then practice your answers. 

Remember that an interview is just a conversation with a purpose of you communicating your value.

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Crafting a Courageous Conversation

This downloadable PFD is a worksheet designed to help you clarify and focus that tough conversation you’ve been avoiding. 

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.Networking Tips for Career Changers

Networking can be overwhelming at the best of times, but when you are looking to pivot in your career…there is no better place to start to explore.

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Stop Setting Realistic Goals…

…and start enjoying your life. That’s right, you heard me! Sometimes the pressure of setting goals sends us spinning.

This downloadable PFD will get you off the merry-go-round and get you focused on what’s important…life – as defined by you.

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Planning Your Pivot

You’re gonna want to make copies of this one! 

Regardless of where you are in your career journey, use this daily worksheet to help you get clarity around your intentions.

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The Why of Goals

This downloadable PFD is loaded with the hard questions that get you closer to the “why” of your goal. It is only when we are truly connected to the feelings that those goals bring us, do we actually set out with determination and desire to achieve them.

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