Getting Back to Work That Fits


Finding work that fits doesn’t have to mean you are hitting the job boards!

Fall has always been a time for new beginnings, and although it can be full of uncertainties, it is also a time full of possibilities. Just as students are struggling to find their way back to school, we too can struggle to find a balance in this new and different landscape. And if you see yourself as a student of life, it is the perfect time to begin discovering what possibilities lay ahead for you as well.

If the last few months has found you struggling to stay afloat at work, don’t just reach for a life preserver, it’s time to learn to swim. What do you do when you want to do something different but have no idea what that could be?

What if you know what you want, but in these uncertain times, have no idea how to get started?


It is hard to see the possibilities when you are overwhelmed by the options or lack of options.

And when people can connect to work that feels good they…


  • Have more time to do the things they love
  • Walk in the door with energy at the end of the day
  • Find balance and fulfillment at work and home
  • Are reconnected with their personal relationships

And it doesn't matter where you are in your job search, finding work that fits what you need and who you is hard work.

Have you ever felt like….

The "Picture-Perfect" Career

On paper … you have everything you’ve been training and pushing for. The career that you wanted when you were younger is what you’ve got! 

So why then are you no longer happy with it!

Too Much to Give Up

When you’re unhappy with what you have, you start playing the game where you tell yourself …

“I should feel lucky to have a job at a time like this.”

“There isn’t anything better out there.”

“I can’t give up this salary and start all over again!”

But none of that self-talk makes those dreaded feelings go away.

Don't Know Where to Start

When you think about doing something completely different but have no idea where to start, the road can seem long and windy. Stopping and starting over and over again is just not an option.

Before looking at changing careers, applying for a job, converting a side hustle to the big leagues or pursuing the promotion, getting crystal clear on what it is you want from your job are the blueprints required before you start a renovation.

In a renovation project, there are steps to take to ensure you not only complete the project, but you actually get what you were hoping for. A career renovation is no different. It can range from a coat of paint to a complete demolition.

You don’t want to be wasting your time painting when no coat of paint is going to cover up the mess of your career life. And who wants to be spending all that time, money and energy demolishing something that only needed a coat of paint.

It’s time to take stock of what you have before you start worrying you don’t have what you need!

You can be anywhere in your journey of finding work that fits to stop what hasn’t been working and start on a plan that does. When you feel short on time, money and energy, you have a plan to re-focus and re-energize ensuring you stay motivated and connected in all areas of your life.


How do you find the energy you need and start to enjoy what you do?

What can I use my masterclass for?

This masterclass is designed to meet you and your biggest obstacle head-on.

Here are only some examples…

Don't know if I should leave my job?

Unhappy with where you are but not sure what might be next? Use this masterclass to get clarity on what the next step might be?

Job search going nowhere?

Are you struggling to find anything that is interesting? Looking at the job boards constantly with very little opportunity. Use this masterclass to focus your actions and uncover hidden places different opportunities are found.

Not getting past the first interview?

Struggling with confidence and lack of clarity can be detrimental to your success in interviewing. Use this masterclass to boost your confidence and find new ways to communicate your value to potential employers.

Ready to Leap?

Stepping outside the comfort zone and making a big change can freeze you in your tracks. Use this masterclass to verbalize your plan and look at it from all angles.

Here’s a Masterclass just for you:

What’s Included:

This package is the fastest way for you to uncover what you want and create a plan to get you there. Our Getting Back to Work That Fits masterclass is just what you need to get unstuck. Within hours you will have more confidence and clarity around what is next.



  1. Private 90 minute 1:1 session with Louise via Zoom to discuss:
             a. How to quickly assess and create your plans
             b. 3 immediate goals
             c. 3 actions to get you moving
             d. 3 things to let go of
  2.  Worksheets and downloads for you to use over and over again as needed to keep you moving forward
  3. 30 minute follow up session to check-in and keep you going in the right direction



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