Have you ever heard of this term – Growth Mindset? Dr. Carol Dweck coined the phrase when studying school aged children. Children who are challenged and learn in an environment that fosters the believe that anyone can learn anything walk away with the belief that they can actually do anything.


This can happen in adults too. Just because you have never been successful at something doesn’t mean you can’t learn to be. Given the right tools and support, change is possible for everyone. It is the power of positive planning.

Step 1: Believe it is possible

Step 2: Plan the possible

Step 3: Show up and do the work

Step 4: Know that not every attempt will get you there, but with every try, you get closer

Step 5: Repeat

Believe me, I know it is not easy to change, or take a chance. Sometimes the risks seem too big. 
Here’s the thing though…what’s the risk in just believing it is possible?Just for today, start with step 1.