So… I lined up all the shoes and had a look. Lots of brown and black loafers…holy cow! I have old ones and new ones to replace the old ones. It seems however, for some strange reason, I never got rid of those old ones!

It’s easy to stick with what’s comfortable. I never got rid of the old ones cause I wasn’t quite sure the new ones would do. Would they ever be as comfy?

Change is hard. But remember, those old comfy ones were, at one time new.

Now I’m not saying you need to go out and replace all your loafers with high-heels! NO! NO! NO! That is not what I am saying at all!!

But we all get stuck in comfortable because





a chance.

I am scared I won’t find something that fits and feels as good. But is that really the truth?

Our brains use scare tactics on us to prevent us from finding something better. Something new that feels like it was made for only us.

I won’t be giving the new ones a chance if I don’t throw out the old. And I’m not going to settle for something that doesn’t feel good.

So out go some new ones that never felt right, and out go the old ones that no longer serve.

This feels really good.

Happy tidying 😊