It was time I tackled the front hall. I have this large closet that holds a lot of stuff. The thing with it is, whenever I don’t want to look at the mess, I just close the closet doors. Voila! Mess gone. Doesn’t matter how messy and disorganized things get, with the doors closed I don’t have to see or even think about it. Messy on the inside, neat and tidy on the out.

Just. Like. Me.

Things can stay that way for a little while. Keeping the doors closed so I don’t have to look too deep. The thing with the front hall closet is it is full of things I need. I can’t just keep the doors closed indefinitely. When I want to get something out, things I don’t want, fall out. And then there are times I can’t find what I need.  Mess has a way of spreading if you don’t pay it enough attention.

We all need to take care of the inside self just as much as the outside one. Life will get messy. Spend time on tidying things up right away, when they happen. Don’t be shoving it all in the hall closet only to have to unpack it later. We need to learn to deal with the tidying up as part of the experience, not a chore to be done at some later time.

If you find it hard and overwhelming, ask for help. Tidying up the mess when it happens won’t wreck the experience. It will complete it.

I have cleaned out my closet but I have also made a plan to keep it clean. And a plan to re-evaluate the things I keep in my closet. Just because there is a place for something, doesn’t mean I should be hanging on to it.

Not sure where to get started? I bet there is a tough conversation you have been avoiding…start there. Get started on the clean-up and you will be surprised how it turns out.