I saw a great documentary on the weekend that I think may have changed my life. As strange as it may sound the Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man had an impact on me. I had no idea this happened, but Bill Murray goes around memory-bombing people. That’s like a photobomb but without a camera. He shows up at house parties, bars and events and just joins in. Google is filled with instances and people who have had a close encounter with Bill. He becomes part of the experience. He enjoys the present moment without a pretentious thought in his mind.

And holy crap does he ever enjoy the present moment. He changes peoples lives just by being present.

Holy crap!

I try so hard to be more present. My brain has a way of running away with itself a lot of times. It is often ten steps ahead of me looking for danger. I have been trying to bring it back with the usual stuff…mindfulness, meditation, yoga and exercise. It works sometimes. But what if I Bill Murray’ed it? What if I just threw myself into the moment? What if I just did what felt right at the moment?

When it says life lessons learned, the title was not kidding.

If you get a chance, check it out on Netflix. I find that you can learn the most profound things in the strangest of places.

See the trailer here.