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Is Career Coaching...

Is career coaching worth it?

It’s hard to know exactly what you are getting into with many coaches and that can lead to pondering the question “Is career coaching worth it?”. There is a lot of confusion about what is and isn’t coaching. And it’s because the word “coach” has been used for all kinds of things. And the more virtual we became over the pandemic, the more “coach” became a word to mean – let me show you how you can master this task. There were make-up coaches, hair stylist coaches, painting coaches…you name it and there was somebody out there creating training videos or live tutorials and calling that coaching.

The thing about career and leadership coaching is that there isn’t a formula. There isn’t only one way to create a career or to be a leader. And many places try to teach you just that.

I have a different approach and one that has worked time and again.

I pivoted out of my corporate career close to a decade ago and I needed help getting out of work that drained the life out of me because there is a lot at risk.

As a certified coach with the International Coach Federation, an NLP practitioner, a Courageous Living Coach and a certified DISC and MOTIVATORS assessment professional, I bring a unique framework to the quest to find lasting work that fits and feels good.

When you come face to face with the bigness of it all, fear can keep pushing you back. You start to believe what you have is good enough, which might work for a while. I know. That is why my career coaching programs are designed specifically with this in mind. Looking for work you love starts with a clear understanding of yourself and your fears. It doesn’t start with resume tips and interview advice. Get past the overthinking and analysis-paralysis that’s rooted you in place. Get off autopilot and back in the driver’s seat.

Here is what it's been like WORKING with Louise

Before working with Louise, I was feeling stuck in my career options and job search and was struggling to find my footing. I knew I needed to get back out there after some down time but I did know how to even get started.

I have increased my network and opportunities and after just a few short months, seeing an increase in the quantity and quality of opportunities coming my way.

I am looking forward to continuing with Louise as every time we meet, we uncover yet another place to grow.


IT Specialist

It was an honor to work with Louise. She is a knowledgeable and experienced coach who discerns the relevant points from the foggy thoughts I was throwing at her.

She coached me on seeing things through a personal value prism which was a life-changing experience.

It helped me to streamline my thought process and craft my development roadmap.

Senior Developer


Working with Louise has helped me not only find clarity in my career but also in my personal life.

Every session has been a life changing moment for me and the materials that Louise provided were on point!

I will be using all the information and tools that Louise gave me to apply in all areas of my life. Thank you Louise.

Service Delivery Manager


Louise has really helped me get to 2 really big milestone conversations this week in my strategic journey.

I feel I have made tremendous progress and for the first time in a long time I talked to my manager about what I need from him to be successful and where I need him and my leadership to step in. I’m proud that I was able to do that in a succinct way and bring him along on my journey.

Special thanks to Louise for the focus to get here so far and for continuing to push me toward what my strategic vision is for ME going forward!


Senior Director Capital One

Working with Louise is the only time in my life that I have felt like I am making the right decisions. Louise is opening my mind to bigger and better things. My level of belief in myself has increased immensely

Regional Vice President

Neiman Marcus

I have always been passionate about my work, but after years of putting so much of myself into my job, I was burnt out and emotional stress left me with no energy for anything else.

5/5 – Life-changing beyond my expectations!

This program was just what I needed to get heading in the right direction with my career.

The coaching style was definitely a great fit for where I was, and supported me through developing new goals, being flexible enough to let life happen all throughout while still sticking to making the progress that I deserve.

Alissa M

Special Projects Director Sate of Vermont

Success defined on Their Own Terms

Stop Burnout
Break The Glass Ceiling
Start on the Right Foot
Get Visible
Don't Run out of Time
Keep Growing
Engaged Working Team

Cee was a nurse approaching burnout. In addition, they had a pattern of staying well past their mastery of a position and stagnating growth rather than being purposeful in their approach to career advancement. So why weren’t they plugged in and engaged?

With their coach, Cee discovered how values guided them and uncovered what they found energizing. Furthemore, they were able to communicate those desires to leadership.

Besides identifying what was missing, Cee discovered the next steps in their career path.

They’re on the way to retraining while working with full support of the team, transitioning into logistics and supply chain.

She has been recognized by her leadership as a potential rock star but Holly plays it safe and small. But it hasn’t always been this way. A series of bad experiences and toxic leaders left an impression that was hard to shake.

With her coach, she developed awareness and started taking bigger, bolder strategic moves. Speaking up, sharing her ideas, and building her confidence. In additon to her increased inner confidence, she began to empower her team, shifting the dynamics completely. Lastly, increased collaboration with strategic partners increased not only her executive presence but also elevated the impact her entire team made.

It felt risky at first for Holly to start talking about the impact she was making, but by working with her coach she learned to tell the right story that highlighted her leadership skills that got her noticed.

For the first time ever, Holly has the support of her leader on her career path to VP. She continues to work with her coach, ensuring she stays on course.

Kelly was recently elevated into her first management role. She has been feeling like a fish out of water and is drowning in expectations, questioning every decision and choice.

With her coach, Kelly has become more decisive and confident in her choices, increasing her productivity. She has learned to deliver intentional feedback and equally important, discovered what it takes to have some tough conversations with her direct reports.

Kelly is on track for career advancement and her team has doubled in size. She loves the challenge and is now embracing her new visibility within the company.

She was feeling lost and rejected and wondering if she should be looking elsewhere. Jay was frustrated, overwhelmed, and bored that she wasn’t getting more challenging work. She felt stuck and found herself hitting the job boards on a regular basis.

With her coach, Jay dove into what she really wanted from work and how she could break out of this rut. They worked on her executive presence and figured out what kind of leader she wanted to be. She started setting boundaries around work and expectations and started to build and delegate to her team.

Additionally, she adopted a growth mindset and started to see opportunities for facetime with executives. She opened up to her leader about her team’s succession plan and reorganized to better leverage the strengths of her direct reports.

Jay looks forward to more time with her family and has implemented a health regime that balances the demands of her job.

After only 5 months with her coach, Jay has been asked to oversee a whole new business unit and been recognized for her highly successful team. She is fully aware that with out her coach, she would have abandoned an orgnization that was in alignment and supports her growth and development.

She needed to land a new job soon but was struggling to find something. Jordan had sent out 100’s of resumes and was getting nothing in return. She was tired of the insurance business and how stuck and stagnant she felt. She started applying to junior positions at other insurance companies even though she wanted something different.

With her coach, Jordan was able to tune into what she really wanted and where her strengths were. She developed clarity about her unique value proposition and what she truly wanted to be doing. She started having conversations with people in her network that led her to speaking with an executive at an IT company she had always dreamed about working.

While talking confidently about what they really wanted and communicating their own spin on problem-solving, it wasn’t long before the executive was connecting Jordan with others in his organization. Jordan ended up landing a mid-level management position with the company of her dreams with better pay, better flex time, and better support than she had ever had to date.

Jordan signed her contract two days prior to leaving her current position transitioning from insurance into tech without missing a beat.

Lawrence found himself in a senior leadership role in the blink of an eye. His team is growing exponentially and his days are getting longer and longer. He feels stuck between trying to make the impact he wants and the grind of the work.

Expectations are high and so is turnover. He came to coaching with an idea of where he wanted to grow, but no idea how to make it happen.

Together with his coach, he was able to cut his 70 hour work week by 30% and feels not only more balanced but also more effective. His creative problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking has made him the go-to guy at the strategy table. He’s able to support his team, and with some key new hires, has an engaged and highly successful group who work like a well oiled machine.

We are 10 months into a one year program and Lawrence has already found himself enjoying his new responsibilities and challenges while having time to focus on his own self care and family.

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