Mastering Feedback

9 Modules

It’s no secret feedback is an important part of leadership. It’s something we constantly do. It’s a gift that develops confidence, team morale, productivity, and growth.

Mastering feedback is a leadership skill that is difficult to master.  Struggling and stressing out over when to give it, worried about how people will take it and afraid of the trouble it will cause. This is why so many of us avoid giving and when we do, we just plow through it to get it over with.


But when done correctly, feedback is a gift.

When you learn to master both giving and receiving feedback you will see your confidence soar and your team become more accomplished and productive. 

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to Feedback

How important is feedback? Understanding what feedback is and what it isn’t is the first step in understanding the purpose and power this leadership tool has.


Chapter 2 : Your Feedback Mindset

This is where you dig into the excess baggage you carry about feedback. Often it is your own experience with badly delivered feedback and crappy leaders that hinder you from mastering feedback yourself.


Chapter 3 : Balancing Your Delivery

Before launching into a feedback conversation, balancing and preparing yourself is setting it up to be successful.


Chapter 4 : Setting the Stage

Feedback sets the stage for building trust and empowering people to take charge of their own destiny but how do you find the right situations to give feedback without making it overly challenging to deliver or receive.


Chapter 5 : Planning the Conversation

Practice, practice, practice. Together we get to walk through a conversation finding the exact places you need to work on.


Chapter 6 : Delivering Reinforcing Feedback

Delivery positive feedback in a positive way that is also constructive is an art and a skill. Get over the toxic positivity pitfalls and make every opportunity feel great.


Chapter 7 : Delivering Redirecting Feedback

Feedback isn’t good or bad. It is a tool that can be used to redirect people who are travelling down the wrong path. Feedback isn’t a punishment but a forward looking method to ensure folks end up in the right place.


Chapter 8 : Receiving Feedback

Now that you know how powerful feedback can be, how do you fill your own bucket and get the growth and development you’ve been craving.


Chapter 9 : Developing a Growth Plan

Committing to continuous growth and development in mastering feedback and gathering real-life data about how you are improving your feedback delivery.


Louise Neil

Career Engagement Coach, ACC

As a professionally certified career engagement, leadership and life coach I am solely dedicated to helping folks find purpose and joy in the work they do. I do mostly private one-on-one coaching in career engagement, pivot planning and leadership centred around using your gifts and strengths to find flow and ease at work.

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