Mastering Feedback From

Both Ends Course

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We all struggle with it….both giving it and getting it. But once you can put how you feel aside, you can start using this powerful gift as a tool to  build healthy, productive teams and quickly build your professional credibility.


You know it’s a game-changer.


We can be our own worst enemy when it comes to feedback. When there’s a lot riding on your actions, your brain goes into overdrive and you can easily miscommunicate your intentions.



The next time you deliver feedback after taking this course, you will be:

  • Grounded and confident in your actions
  • In touch with your instincts and intuition
  • Able to effectively deliver feedback that is intention and forward leaning.
  • Quickly find opportunities to reinforce best practices
  • Convert stress and overwhelm into excitement and determination for you and your whole team.


 You won’t dread tough conversations anymore.



Daring leaders who live into their values are never silent about hard things.

Brene Brown

Here’s what you get in this self-paced course…

  1. State the importance of giving and receiving feedback
  2. Identify who, what, and why people need feedback
  3. Tip sheets and best practices guides
  4. An Action Plan to know how to deliver informal, formal, redirecting, and reinforcing feedback
  5. Opportunities to practice both redirecting and reinforcing feedback
  6. Conversation planners so you can consistently and effectively deliver feedback


One on One meeting prep sheets for both leader and direct reports

Here’s the thing, once you have your tools you  need, you’ll start to see results from your team and the leaders around you.

We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.

Bill Gates

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Although designed to be a self-pace course, there are plenty of opportunities for you to actually work through your own scenarios and build several conversation plans specific to your own life.


Don’t miss out.