The year 2022 brought it’s fair share of ups and downs. Join us on this special episode as Kim and Louise take time to pause and review on the past year. Starting as they always do with celebrations and ending with their golden nuggets for the entire year – this juicy episode incorporates the benefits of taking regular time to reflect and review as a way to stay present while creating momentum in our personal and professional lives.

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Show Highlights

Hellos & Welcome 0:00

  • Hellos & Welcome 0:00
  • There is quite the party happening over at Louise’s right now that involved Charlie! 0:14
  • Welcome to Your Kickass Career. 1:08
  • We all have our own experiences, we create our own lives. 5:49
  • What are some of the things that came out of 22 that got you excited about where the world of work is going? 9:52
  • The term “quiet quitting” and how it gets in my craw. 12:07
  • We can’t go back, we can only move forward. 16:25
  • How do I stop holding on so tightly? 21:16
  • Be brave and be okay with the F-word. 24:09
  • What is your golden nugget? 29:47

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