Because Your New Role Didn’t Come With Instructions

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Getting you where you want to go!

Being promoted into a new role is something many strive for. We wish to be recognized for our hard work and we enter into this nervous-excited (nervcited) state.

It can become all too overwhelming. Working hard and landing that new job took a lot of hard work and it feels good that you’ve gotten this far.

But the work doesn’t stop there. The first 90 days are key in setting yourself up for a rewarding career. Often we bring may parts of our old role into the new one and when we want to transition onto a new team. time and energy can often run in short supply. There is so much you still don’t know. There can be some challenging dynamics with colleagues piled on top of the new role and responsibilities. A new boss or a new relationship to your boss as well as building a support network that actually supports you is your starting line.

That’s why this half-day intensive is designed just for you.

Only after a few weeks working with Louise, something that felt like a pipe dream is actually in progress. Louise guides me through developing practical steps to take to towards achieving my goals.

Colleen Lindsay

Transportation Professional and Web Developer

Build your Confidence

Define your style and start building relationships that matter.

Learn to be authentic, humble, and open without being walked all over.

Make hard decisions without having it destroy your credibility.


Build Effective Teams

Set clear expectations right from the beginning.

Build engagement and productivity within your team.

Deal with conflict and deliver feedback people look forward to.



Manage your Priorities

Effectively deal with stress and anxiety.

Maintain a work -life balance while you transition from a “doer” to a leader.

Learn how to use your strengths to your advantage as you lead your team to new heights.



Before working with Louise, I was feeling stuck in my career options …I knew I needed to get back out there after some down time but I did know how to even get started. I gained confidence and clarity while working with Louise as my coach. I have increased my network and opportunities and after just a few short months, seeing an increase in the quantity and quality of opportunities coming my way.

Doug Muntain

Winnipeg, Canada

Here’s What You Get


  • Preparation for your New Role while breaking from the Past
  • Defining Your Leadership Style and how to Leverage your Strengths
  • How to Manage Your Priorities
  • Dealing with Stress and Anxiety of new Responsibilities
  • Accelerate your Learning to feel more Confident
  • Defining Success in your New Role
  • How to Get Those Early Wins
  • Building your Team and Gaining Trust



Course Contents

60-minute planning session

3-hour private 1:1 coaching and strategy session

Customized 30-60-90 day Action Plan

Continuous Support with

    • Day 30 Check-in
    • Day 60 Check-in
    • Day 90 Check-in

 Mastering Feedback From Both Ends Course




This is where you change your career story.








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Working with Louise is the only time in my life that I have felt like I am making the right decisions. Louise is opening my mind to bigger and better things. My level of belief in myself has increased immensely.

Angela Corbin

Winnipeg, Canada