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Join Louise Neil, Nikki Baker Wulf, Laura Lively, Sara Doell, and Kim Romain as we come together each week to entertain, inform, engage, and inspire our listeners through stories, experiences, and reflections about the best parts of life as a woman.


Featured: The Best Parts with Louise Neil

Season 1, Episode 2

About The Best Parts

Being a human is hard work.

We often get caught up in the busy in life and it is easy to forget that we are all on a journey. How do we navigate that journey when we start to feel like we are on the wrong path? When part of you is craving for change and another part of you is telling you there is too much to risk. When part of you knows there is more for you and that you deserve the best and another part of you keeps you on the couch with the remote in your hand. When you feel lost and alone and stuck where you are while you figure out what the “right” next move is.

Here on The Best Parts Podcast, we want to provide you with the tools, insights, inspiration and strategies to be and celebrate all of your parts while getting the most out of this life. Get unstuck and get going on your journey.

Our gift to the world is our uniqueness and learning how to step fully into ourselves means all our parts are the best parts.


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Bonus Episode:

The United States Election

In this episode, Louise takes over as moderator as the 4-US based cohosts talk about how they’re managing in the highly volatile weeks leading up to the US Presidential Election.  As the only Canadian, Louise has a slightly different perspective and holds space for each of the other four cohosts to talk about how this election feels different than others in the recent past.

Louise asks how the cohosts in the US are:

  • Managing not only the cohosts’ own emotions but those of their immediate families

  • What can they do to make a difference in a US election in the time of a pandemic?

  • Managing relationships with people who vote differently than they do

  • What is their hope for the future?


“This election shows us where Americans are as a people. My focus for myself personally has been on how we start to regain footing with our own humanity, starting with ourselves.” – Kim Romain

“If everybody’s yelling, nobody’s listening.” – Nikki Baker-Wulf

“I have parts that are hopeful that people will realize that democracy has to be worked for.  “ – Laura Lively

“It really is time to roll up our sleeves. We’ve been sitting back maybe a little bit on our laurels and just thinking that things were going to be okay. Freedom isn’t free.” – Louise Neil

“We really all have more in common than what divides us.”- Sara Doell

“I speak my truth. And I recognize that as a human being, I am entitled to change my mind.” – Kim Romain

“My hope is that now that the light is shining on those dark places and the awareness is there, now we can make changes.” – Nikki Baker-Wulf

“It is about being open to people who have different beliefs. We don’t want to be just so focused on our own view.  It is about being open to the world and to have honest and respectful conversations.”  – Louise Neil

“As much as we all want to be open-minded, we also have preferences and biases and it is important to acknowledge that too.  – Laura Lively

“I have done a lot of soul searching about how I show up in social media. I choose what I’m going to focus on and what I react to.”  –  Sara Doell




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