The Breakthrough


Sometimes…it’s that one thing that is holding you back. You know if you could nail that presentation, lead that project, kill that interview, deliver that speech, have that tough conversation… 


You know it’s a game-changer.


We can be our own worst enemy when it comes to getting what we want. When there’s a lot riding on your actions, your brain goes into overdrive – wanting us to manage the stress by getting us the hell out of there. 

But not this time…

This time you will be:

  • Grounded and confident in your actions
  • In touch with your instincts and intuition
  • Able to quickly convert stress and overwhelm into excitement and determination



You won’t have “fake it till you make it” this time.

Using your own intuition and tapping into your emotional energy, I use body awareness, NLP (neurolinguistic programming) tools, anchoring and meditation techniques which provide you with the skills you need to use the fear and nervous energy and allow you to be more yourself and show up how you want to.



Here’s what you get…

  1. Pre-session planner, so you hit the ground running
  2. 1 – 90 minute recorded session, to listen to whenever you need
  3. 1 – 30 minute follow -up and check-in, accountability, accountability, accountability

Here’s the thing, you’re already going in the right direction and you’re going to rock this!

The Breakthrough

Looking to leave your mark? Wanting to nail the presentation? Ace the interview for the dream job? Knock it out of the park with your next keynote speech? This time, it’s a game-changer.

Your Personal Career Renovation

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