I will have to say making a career change is full of all kinds of challenges. There is fear and apprehension about leaving a job that pays the bills. The doubt about what you can do other than what you are currently doing. In additional to all of the internal conflict going on, the job boards are thin and the unemployment numbers high. That’s a lot keeping you stuck – at least it was for me.

Getting through that muck was a long slog, but just when I got to a place where I knew I needed to jump from my current job, I ran into the next wall. I thought I knew what I was doing in the search for something new.

Career search and career change is actually a talent and a skill that many of us don’t have. And why would we. We’ve been busy working! We fall into this belief that because we are good at our jobs, we will automatically be good at attracting the next opportunity – and that just isn’t so. Putting together a career is much like putting together IKEA furniture – it goes a lot easier when you have the right tools and the instruction booklet.


5 Tools You Need To Launch Your Career Renovation

Here are the TOOLS I have for a successful career change, launching you into a kickass career.

Take Pause –

Yes, I said PAUSE! Jumping into the search before you have had an opportunity to look at why you are jumping lands you in a whole heap of – “same shit, different pile” trouble. Ask yourself – “What do I want to leave behind?” and “What do I want more of in my life?” The answers put you at the starting line of the right race.

Open to Opportunities –

Before you hit the job boards looking for the next best thing, start talking to people – any and every one who will listen – about what you want and how excited you are to be looking for something different. Activating your network will provide you with more opportunities than any job board. In fact, over 85% of people job hunting will find their next opportunities from their network. So start talking!

Optimize Your Efforts –

Stop half-assing it! If you are serious about finding something new, it will take effort – lots of effort. The more organized, focused, and dedicated you are to your search, the better results you will get. When you are looking for a kickass career, put in a kickass effort.

Use Trello? Get your free Trello template to help you keep track of your career search activities – from postings to network contacts. Keeping you on track to your kickass career. Get it here.

Land It –

Don’t get lazy when it comes to the interview. I have seen so many folks come to me after they have blown it in the interview for their dream job. They go in with the idea that because they are awesome at their job, they are the perfect candidate. The interview isn’t about how perfect you are for the role, it is about how well you communicate that fact!! Plan, prepare and practice your answers until you feel confident enough to be yourself when you’re interviewed. It is a skill to be able to communicate your impact and value in such a short period of time.

Set Yourself up for success –

On average, it takes longer to land a new position, so expect prepare for the marathon and not the sprint. Depending on your market, industry, and how executive your role is, don’t be surprised if it took 3-6 months to land. Take stock of your resources, especially time, money and energy – and ensure you have enough fuel to keep you going. Moreover, when you do land your kickass career, remember everyone who helped you get there, because you didn’t do it alone. Your network, both personally and professionally- becomes your NEXTWORK. Don’t be burning any bridges!

Of course, career change comes in all different shapes and sizes. It’s a career renovation that can be as different as a fresh coat of paint to an entire demolition and remodel. Using the TOOLS provided will help you create the renovation you are looking for. You’re the designer of your own renovation blueprint, so take the time to plan, design and execute your way to your kickass career.


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