The benefits of volunteering are almost endless. Just ask someone who does it! Whether you’re wanting to get stronger, make new friends and connections, or even fill out your resume – there are countless ways that serving others can also serve you.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

On this week’s episode, Kim and Louise are joined by author Erika Bud to share their experiences with volunteerism and how it’s supported them on their journeys in countless ways.

Erika created her travel book series for kids as well as her Planes, Trains, & Kids Abroad travel podcast with the hope to ignite a passion for travel in both children and adults. You can learn more about Erika at:

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Show Highlights

• Welcome to the Show. 0:00

• What I’m celebrating. (2:00)

• The search to be fulfilled. (6:00)

• The importance of having a five-year plan. (10:32)

• Understanding the power of giving your time. 14:57

• How to change your mindset about volunteering? (19:26)

• Volunteering and giving your time can look different than you think. (25:36)

• Golden Nuggets (32:20)

• Next episode Jacinthe Koddo and Crafting the Experiment (35:26)

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