In the dynamic landscape of modern careers, the art of the pivot has become an invaluable skill.

Pivoting involves an intentional and strategic shift, often in response to changing circumstances, personal growth, or evolving industry trends. It's not just about changing jobs but rather a thoughtful reassessment and redirection that aligns with individual passions, values, and goals. 

In this episode, Kim and Louise are joined by certified Life & Wellness Coach and Human Design Guide Kristell Court to chat about the art of the pivot. Whether prompted by a desire for a greater purpose, a passion for a new field, or a response to external factors, the art of pivoting empowers you to take control of your career trajectory. You can learn more about Kristell at:

Show Highlights

  • 0:00 Hellos and Welcome
  • 8:21 What Did You Think You'd Be Doing In Your Career?
  • 14:29 How to pivot from one job to another?
  • 16:13 What to Do About Pivots?
  • 17:54 Polarizing the Need for Pivot
  • 18:43 Personal Pivots
  • 25:04 When You Aren’t Interested in Climbing the Ladder
  • 28:33 What Keeps People From Pivoting?
  • 34:30 You Are Always in Control of Your Career
  • 35:43 What is a Personal Pivot?
  • 37:15 Understanding Your Energy Type
  • 38:29 The Importance Of Personal Agency
  • 42:54 The Importance of Pivots
  • 45:38 Your Kickass Career Collective - Join Us today!