Meet Louise Neil

It's no longer difficult to go to work, in fact, it’s not hard at all. I'm not just saying running my own career engagement and leadership coaching business is easy. I'm saying it's incredibly exciting and deeply meaningful to me, pushing me beyond my wildest expectations. It perfectly aligns with my authentic self. As an introvert, I have discovered that there are certain things in my life I refuse to sacrifice - and yet, that doesn't hinder me from being a successful leader and business owner.

At The Heart Of It Fear Gets In The Way

  • There are so many things that can stand in your way of getting what you really want.
  • Even when you unplug you can find so many other things to do to avoid the important things.
  • Stress and overwhelm cause you to lose focus and bump around in the dark.
  • All the training, the years of education, all the sacrifices you made to get here are not lost when you reinvent your career.
  • Fear and exhaustion can keep up buried in a good book or sucked into our phones.
  • Reinventing your career doesn’t cost you, it feeds you. It feeds your family, your relationships, your integrity and your time.