Our clients are happy to share their experience working with us, but due to the personal and sensitive nature of our work, only first names are being used for those who wish to protect their privacy.



Specials Projects Director

I have always been passionate about my work, but after years of putting so much of myself into my job, I was burnt out and emotional stress left me with no energy for anything else.




After leaving the teaching profession, I had no idea where to start figuring out my next steps in my career. I needed someone to help me take a step back and assess my thoughts and feelings towards making a change.



Nurse Administrator

The most invaluable part of Louise's program was the sense of being truly heard, especially in the context of my current work situation. It was refreshing to have someone genuinely understand my concerns and aspirations. 

Woman smiling in black


Lead Operations Analyst

Shortly after our sessions I got promoted! I definitely owe a lot of that to you. 

people at a desk point to financial statements



My leader sees a significant difference in the way I am approaching work and am on course for a promotion.



Sr. Director

Louise is an excellent coach and thought partner. I appreciate her insight and guidance. Her questions give me a different perspective and support my development. I value my coaching sessions greatly.



Service Delivery Manager

Working with Louise has helped me not only find clarity in my career but also in my personal life. Every session has been a life changing moment for me and the materials that Louise provided were on point!

Professional male leader dressed in a suit


IT Administrator

Before working with Louise, I was feeling stuck in my career options and job search and was struggling to find my footing. I knew I needed to get back out there after some down time but I did know how to even get started.

person in front of a laptop pointing to the screen


Senior Developer

It was an honor to work with Louise. She is a knowledgeable and experienced coach who discerns the relevant points from the foggy thoughts I was throwing at her. 

A happy woman wearing pink


Analyst and Web Developer

Before working with Louise, I was scattered and stuck, but with Louise, I am now able to move forward and build a business that gives me the lifestyle I only dreamt about.