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So much of our lives are wrapped up in our careers. But what if that wasn’t the case? What if, instead of planning for your next vacation, you started planning for a career you didn’t need a break from…a career that lights you up? When you find yourself skimming the job boards for something else, it’s time to get connected.

Confidence Coaching

It’s hard when you are feeling stuck to know what to do. Sometimes you might not even know you are stuck until things just don’t feel right. It’s like waking up from auto-pilot and realizing you don’t know how you got here. The one thing you have started to realize, however, is something has to change.

About Me

My journey here to Louise Neil Coaching is probably very similar to your own. We both ended up here on the same website now, didn’t we?

I truly believe in following your gut and becoming passionate and connected in your career and your life. It is the people who can truly be happy and connected that shine a light upon the world in a way no one else can. It is those people who make things happen.

My story doesn’t start here though.

When I went away to university, I was told to follow my heart. I had a love for the planet and needed to do what I could to save it. With an B.SC in Environmental Protection under my belt, I was off to save the world.

Or was I?


I don’t work well for a BOSS; I work well with a coach. Louise is opening my mind to bigger and better things for myself and my life and my sons. I will forever be grateful for what you have done for me and I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish in the next few weeks! If you are feeling scattered, and need help just clarifying what needs to change in your life and how to make those changes, you NEED to work with Louise!

Angela Corbin

Executive Affiliate, My Daily Choice

She guides me through developing actionable steps to take to achieve my goals and this prevents me from overthinking. I would highly recommend working with her for her kindness, attentiveness and gentle spirit. Thank you so much Louise!!


Life Coach & FORMER Administrative Professional, Manitoba, Canada


Are you looking for Clarity + Direction?

Do you ever feel life’s on auto-pilot? Not sure how you got to your destination? Like you just keep ending up back in the same place?

Have a feeling something needs to change?

Ever feel stuck in your situation? Feeling like your career and your life just doesn’t fit like it used to? But you can’t quite put a finger one it?

Feeling undervalued and stuck where you are?

Do you ever feel life’s on auto-pilot? Not sure how you got to your destination? Like you just keep ending up back in the same place?

Wanting to leverage your full potential?

You know you have so much more to offer the world but aren’t sure how to turn that into a successful career?

What is a Career Renovation?

Have you ever wanted to renovate your space?

Have you ever had a feeling that something needs to change?

Have you ever stepped into a space and it no longer feels right? Like it isn’t you anymore?

Career renovation is much like any other renovation you might undertake. It starts with a feeling that something isn’t quite right. And perhaps this feeling started awhile ago and you brushed it off. It started as an inkling, but now it’s something you can no longer ignore.

You can outgrow your careers much like you can outgrow a space. You find yourselves someplace that isn’t quite “you” anymore.

So what do you do when you want to under go a renovation project? You hire a contractor, project manager or designer to get you clarity on where it is you want to end up. Are you renovating a bathroom or adding an office to the garage? You get clear on what it is you want; you create a plan and you get started.

Career Renovation in 3 Steps.

A career renovation follows the same 3 step process a home renovation would:

  1. Getting clear on what you want to change.

What can start off as thinking you just need a fresh coat of paint might end up being a total gutting. You might think you just need a new challenge or a new boss when really it is bigger than you first expected. If you find yourself perusing the job boards for something that doesn’t feel right, it might be time to get serious about getting clear on what you are looking for.

  1. Hire a professional to help you see you vision

We don’t know what we don’t know. (One of the truths I live by!) When you hire someone before you start the project, you get ideas you never even considered. Professionals can challenge you to look past the immediate issue and set you up for success in the long run.

  1. Create a plan. Planning up front saves you time and money

So many do-it-youselfers end up needed a contractor or designer to bail them out of a project gone wrong wasting time and money. Starting with a plan and a destination is a sure way to know where you are going.


It might seem overwhelming to think about undergoing a career renovation, but it doesn’t have to be. A vision, a destination, and a plan can get you to a fulfilled career. Someplace that feels like you when you walk into work. A space that feels like yours.

When you think it is time for a change, it is. It’s time to get started.

What are you waiting for?

You’re In the Right Spot

Are you overwhelmed at work? Are you frustrated things aren’t going as smooth as they used to? Perhaps there has been a change at work and you don’t feel like it fits you anymore. Or maybe the problem is that things haven’t changed at your job, but you have.

You outgrow your profession much like you outgrow your first house. A first home is just big enough to meet your needs at the time. But as time goes on, you have more possessions and more people in your life. Then you get to a point, do you move or renovate?

Professionals and entrepreneurs alike can struggle with growth. Struggle happens when you want more but aren’t quite sure how to go about growing. Oftentimes, it doesn’t feel like you can grow as there are obligations, family and lots of strings attached to making a change.


As a career renovation specialist and confidence coach, I help professionals and entrepreneurs get clear on what they want most out of their lives and to create a plan to go after it. I help them re-establish the lost connection to their life and career. I teach people how to be inspired to take the next step towards what they want (even if they aren’t too sure where to start). It is about getting out of your head and learning to trust your gut. Changing your perspective on where you are, and where you are going reduces overwhelm and frustration and opens the door to action. I teach hard working, determined, and passionate people how to get unstuck. I teach people how to renovate their careers even when there is a lot on the line.

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