Career Engagement

Work doesn't have to suck!

Let me guess:

Work just isn’t working for you anymore!

There’s so much going on in the world right now about money, job security, the future and you’re telling yourself you’re fine at your job – that things are ok-ish. But this feeling that things aren’t quite right – of wanting more from your job – has been going on for quite some time – it isn’t something new.

 You’re smart and have been doing ok most of the time trying to numb out and avoid the gnawing concern you have about running out of time.

Why is that:

  • Because behind all of that numbing out is the big black hole of not knowing what you really want

  • When you think about making a change in your career it feels too big to know where to start

  • Besides, you have invested so much time + energy + money in your training and education, it doesn’t make sense to jump ship now

And all of this has you running on autopilot. Overthinking and analysis-paralysis had rooted you in place. And even if you have an inkling of an idea, there are other priorities that pull you away from this big dream.

Besides, dreaming is for other people, isn’t it?

Are you looking for Clarity + Direction?

Having a hard time getting started? Not sure what is out there? Uncertainty and lack of focus keeping you from the starting line?

Want to reinvent yourself without starting all over again?

You’ve spent time + money + energy getting to this point so do you really throw it all away to do something else?

Feeling like time is slipping away?

You’ve been pushing through for a while now hoping it will get better but it doesn’t.  Work doesn’t have to be this hard.

Wanting to find work that fits like a glove?

You know  you can do anything but how do you find work that feels easy and doesn’t leave you spent and exhausted at the end of the day?

Career Engagement Benefits


This is a real thing that just doesn’t happen to other people. When you’re plugged in at work…


  • Spend time on the most important things

  • Re-connect back into your personal relationships

  • Have time to enjoy with family and friends

  • Know what skills and experiences you bring forward into the next version of your professional self

  • You’re confident and spend less time worrying

Once you grab hold of a possibility, you are empowered to do more.

Work doesn’t have to suck!!

The personalized support you need right now…

I work with people in 5-10 sessions over 3-6 months, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. It really depends on the individual and what else you’ve got going on in your life. I always start off with a consultation call so we both get crystal clear on what it is I offer and what it is you are really looking for. It’s super important to me that you get the right type of coaching that is going to help you navigate the obstacles and deal with whatever else is going to come up.


The first few sessions will deal with the immediate stuff you’ve got in front of you…in a job you hate with a boss you can’t stand? We’ll figure out a way for you to deal with that so you can focus on what you really want. I’ve seen so many people jump out of something icky and land in something horrible. Dealing with those immediate roadblocks frees up time and allows you to focus on making smart, intuitive career moves that feel good.

Other things we might cover in your personalized program:


  • Clarifying values + identifying the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back
  • Honour the introvert in you
  • Learning to trust yourself + building confidence
  • Understanding what it really takes to reinvent your career
  • Identifying your skills + strengths for the last time
  • Developing strategies to increase your joy factor at work and home
  • Create a personalized plan to achieve your goals, outcomes + dreams



What people are after working with me:

I don’t work well for a BOSS; I work well with a coach. Louise is opening my mind to bigger and better things for myself and my life and my sons. I will forever be grateful for what you have done for me and I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish in the next few weeks! If you are feeling scattered, and need help just clarifying what needs to change in your life and how to make those changes, you NEED to work with Louise!

Angie C

Executive Affiliate Director, My Daily Choice

Before working with Louise, I was scattered and stuck, but with Louise, I am now able to move forward and build a business that gives me the lifestyle I only dreamt about. In only a few weeks working with Louise, something that felt like a pipe dream is actually in progress. Louise guides me through developing practical steps to take me towards achieving my goals. The progress I have made while working with Louise has been remarkable. I would highly recommend working with her for her generosity, focus and attention.  Thank you, Louise!!

Colleen L

Founder, Webmastered Designs

She guides me through developing actionable steps to take to achieve my goals and this prevents me from overthinking. I would highly recommend working with her for her kindness, attentiveness and gentle spirit. Thank you so much Louise!!

Jenn B

Administrative Executive, Winnipeg, Canada

You’re In the Right Spot

You outgrow your profession much like you outgrow your first house. A first home is just big enough to meet your needs at the time. But as time goes on, you have more possessions and more people in your life. Then you get to a point, do you move or renovate?

Professionals and entrepreneurs alike can struggle with growth. Struggle happens when you want more but aren’t quite sure how to go about growing. Oftentimes, it doesn’t feel like you can grow as there are obligations, family and lots of strings attached to making a change.

 And when you are an introvert, putting yourself out there when you want to make a change can feel so vulnerable and scary. The reward is worth the hard work. When you can be yourself in a job that you enjoy, the whole world changes.

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