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Above all, we believe that real change is possible and that tomorrow doesn’t have to be like today.

Pivoting Point Career Solutions is a coaching and training company that is focused on one thing…changing the way you work at work. A tiny and talented team designs tailored career solutions for individuals and organizations that are focused on empowerment, engagement, confidence, and career clarity so that you can fit work back into your life without sacrificing time, money, or energy.

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When you’re confident and engaged with the work you do you’re spending time on the most important things – both at work and in life. This is work-life balance in a whole new way.

Pivot Planning

Looking for something different and completely new without having to starting over. Step out of your comfort zone with confidence.

Clarity + Partnership

Finding TIME to advance your career without sacrificing your relationships or your well-being.

Authentic Leadership

Getting what you want most from your career means elevating your impact without sacrificing your authenticity.

Collective Collaboration

Searching for a group of humans who can support you AND hold you accountable for driving you forward.

Professional Skill of Coaching

Coaching is a proven and systematic methodology that amplifies an individuals abilities in order to achieve unique goals and objectives. It is not advice-giving, mentoring, or counselling, but a forward-looking and action generating approach to get folks unstuck from where they are. At Pivoting Point Career Solutions, we are focused on measurable results providing transformational change that lasts a lifetime in areas such as confidence, career development, time management, and communications.

Our Professional Skills
  • Career Development 75% 75%
  • Confidence 90% 90%
  • Communication 65% 65%
  • Time Management and Productivity 70% 70%

We’re Experts In Engagement

As an individual, when you are not plugged in and engaged in the work you do it drains the life from you. As an organization, employee engagement will make or break a business in these economic times. Finding ways to create impact increases confidence, productivity, and empowerment. When you want to work differently, coaching will help you to get that easily.

Why Choose Us

Leading authentically and work and in life


Building confidence and influence


Reducing the busyness and creating balance

One on One Confidential Coaching

Solutions For Growing Business

Engagement Benefits

Career and Leadership

Engagement at work is a win-win both for the individual and for the organization. Yet, so many organizations and individuals miss the mark.

You Plugged In

It's time to figure out how work fits into your life and not how you fit into work. Taking control of your career path means you are not only intentional but engaged, confident, and successful.

This is the real thing for real people.

When you are plugged in at work you are...

  • spending time on the most important things
  • reconnecting back into your personal relationships
  • enjoying family and friends
  • experiencing less stress and overwhelm
  • showing up confident in all areas of your life

Your Team Plugged in

It gets overwhelming pretty fast when you don't have a team that is working like a well oiled machine. It means that you are stepping in more and unable to do the planning and strategizing you want.

Helping your team be their best is the one thing you can't delegate.

When your team is lugged in at work they are...

  • spending time on the most important things
  • creatively solving problems and taking initative
  • productive and effective
  • growing and developing their own skills and expertise
  • collaborative and optimistic

What Clients are Saying About Coaching

It’s not a one size fits all approach but a framework that delivers consistant value.

Clients Testimonials

After leaving the teaching profession, I had no idea where to start figuring out my next steps in my career. I needed someone to help me take a step back and assess my thoughts and feelings towards making a change.

This has been a wonderful experience, I wouldn’t have been able to get out of my “funk” without Louise’s help. I needed someone with an outside perspective and she was super patient and helped me take a step back, breathe, and realize that I have major skills to offer.

Janice W.


I have always been passionate about my work, but after years of putting so much of myself into my job, I was burnt out and emotional stress left me with no energy for anything else.

5/5 – Life-changing beyond my expectations!

This program was just what I needed to get heading in the right direction with my career.

Alissa M

Specials Projects Director

It was an honor to work with Louise. She is a knowledgeable and experienced coach who discerns the relevant points from the foggy thoughts I was throwing at her. She coached me on seeing things through a personal value prism which was a life-changing experience. It helped me to streamline my thought process and craft my development roadmap.

Neb F

Senior Developer

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