Utilizing your personal development by cultivating self-awareness, enhancing skills, and seeking feedback allow you to be more productive and navigate challenges effectively.

We cannot fully separate our personal selves from our professional selves (nor, in our opinion, should we).  In this episode, Kim and Louise are joined by leadership advisor and communication strategist Michele Price as we explore the power of personal development in your career and on your leadership journey. 

In our latest episode of Your Kickass Career, Kim and I had the pleasure of sitting down with leadership advisor and communication strategist, Michele Price.

We dove into an insightful conversation about the power of personal development in your career and on your leadership journey. We explored how cultivating self-awareness, enhancing skills and seeking feedback can help us navigate challenges more effectively and be more productive in our professional lives.

Together, we discussed the importance of being curious, fostering self-questioning, and the concept of 'stackable wins' - making small changes or gains that stack up to significant growth over time.

We also shared our personal experiences with networking, both the ups and the downs, and provided strategies to make networking more comfortable and beneficial.

This episode is packed with valuable insights that can help you cultivate growth from within. Don't miss it!

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Show Highlights

  • 0:00 Hellos and Welcome
  • 0:27 Michele Price is Killing It!
  • 1:28 Celebrating Failure
  • 6:32 Being a Serial Entrepreneur
  • 17:04 Growth From Within
  • 17:41 Unlocking Personal Growth
  • 21:32 The Importance of Self-Awareness
  • 22:43 Inviting Questions into Your Life
  • 30:58 Not Knowing Where to Start
  • 34:35 In-Person Networking
  • 39:07 Unlocking Networking Success
  • 41:24 Knowing To Keep the Outcome in Mind
  • 44:04 Your Kickass Career Collective - Join Us today!