Transparency at work isn't just a buzzword; it's essential for matching individuals with roles that align with their aspirations, ensuring mutual satisfaction and success.

Have you ever felt like you're deciphering a secret code in your quest for the perfect job? That's what we call the "Transparency Dilemma" – a tricky dance between wanting clear job details and the often murky realities of job listings. Navigating and decoding subtle nuances underscores the need for more straightforwardness in the job market. The clearer companies are with job descriptions, financial compensation, values, and expectations, the more empowered you are to make informed career decisions.  

On this episode, Kim and Louise sit down to chat with Katie Latham, founder of Changemaker Careers, about restoring humanity to the job search process. 

You can learn more about Katie at:

Show Highlights

  • 0:00 Welcome and Hellos
  • 0:27 Acing the Career Conversation
  • 6:46 Working in the Social Impact Space
  • 8:54 The Challenge of Navigating a job Interview
  • 18:27 The Importance of Choosing Your Next Step
  • 25:39 Decoding the Job Search Process
  • 28:21 The Myth of Giving 110%
  • 34:13 Interviewing Skills for the Job Search
  • 36:44 Where to Find the Career That Work for You?
  • 40:06 Continue the Conversation with your special invitation to the Inspireize Network