Seemingly insignificant actions can have far-reaching and unpredictable consequences. This is known as the butterfly effect.

In the context of living a good life, every positive choice and act of kindness can be likened to the gentle fluttering of a butterfly's wings, setting off a cascade of positive ripples in the world. In this episode, Kim and Louise sit down with the owner and CEO of myLife Planners, Crystal Reynolds, to talk about how living your best life can cause ripple effects throughout your community and beyond. The butterfly effect serves as a metaphor for the profound and interconnected nature of our actions, and how the collective impact of numerous individuals living good lives can contribute to broader societal change. You can learn more about Crystal at: 


Show Highlights

  • 0:00 Hellos and Welcome
  • 3:30 Crystal Has Been a Lover of Stationery Since Grade School
  • 4:44 Crystal's Journey into Life Planners
  • 13:10 Creating Life at 50
  • 13:41 The Future of Planning With a Planner
  • 16:53 Reclaiming Your Wonder
  • 19:55 A reminder of our autonomy
  • 21:51 The Ripple Effect of Living a Good Life
  • 27:25 The Good Life: Intentionality and Control
  • 3214 In the Elevator With Purpose
  • 36:30 What Keeps People From Living Intentionally?
  • 39:20 Taking the Power Back for Yourself
  • 46:52 Thank You for Your Tools
  • 50:03 Join the conversation in Your Kickass Career Collective