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About Louise 

My journey here to Louise Neil Coaching is probably very similar to your own. We both ended up here on the same website now, didn’t we?

I truly believe in following your gut and becoming passionate and connected in your career and your life. It is the people who can truly be happy and connected that shine a light upon the world in a way no one else can. It is those people who make things happen.

My story doesn’t start here though.

When I went away to university, I was told to follow my heart. I had a love for the planet and needed to do what I could to save it. With an B.SC in Environmental Protection under my belt, I was off to save the world.

Or was I?


Life happens and it is full of details which can steer us away from where we thought we were headed. I graduated university and became completely overwhelmed by the amount of debt I had. I came to believe that you work your ass off to owe anything to anyone and so I got busy doing whatever I could to get out from under it. And let me tell you, there was no money to be made in the environmental sciences at the time. I went from job to job where I was over-educated and underqualified, finally landing in a call centre on the night shift for emergency services. So, my passion for helping the planet turned slightly north and into a passion for helping the people who live on it. I worked at the same organization for my entire adult life. Then one thing led to another and I woke up 22 years later in a project management job running store renovations and remodels for an emergency services company which had morphed into the insurance world. When did that happen? When did I happen?



It was like I woke up from auto pilot.

I started to notice people who were so fulfilled and connected to what they were doing. People who really showed up for their teams, their families and themselves and I wanted that. I wanted passion, not overwhelm. I wanted connection, not isolation. And above all I wanted clarity.

And here’s the thing: I am not alone. Your story probably isn’t much different. The details might be, but the destination sure isn’t. Ending up somewhere you don’t ever plan on being; longing for clarity and purpose.

It was time to reinvent myself.

The best thing about reinvention is you actually don’t leave who you are or what you did behind. I know it sounds like you do, but you don’t. You bring it along and you mix it in with this new adventure, this new calling, and out comes the most unique perspective on the world. Out comes clarity, passion and connection.


This is a letter of introduction. I want you to know me and my journey because I feel deeply that you can relate. So instead of getting caught up in the roles I play, I want to introduce you to me. The connected me.



So here I am…

I’m extremely honored to be here and am excited to get to know you a little bit more.

I have a passion for change and making what was old new again. It is why I love to renovate, upcycle and help people create a new way of showing up in their lives.

I believe connection and communication are the two most important things we can all learn to do better.

I care greatly about our planet and the people on it.

And am discovering how to develop my career into my calling.

I cry during any movie or tv show when warranted (which is almost always) and love to read the credits.

I love mayo more than mustard

Red more than white

And simple over complex wins every time.


I am so grateful you are here and have given me your gift of time.

And I’d like to give it back to you. Get clear on where you are headed before you take too many wrong turns. Right now you’re off auto-pilot, let’s work to keep you there.


Chat Soon.

Take Care.

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