Are you struggling to find what's next in your career? 

Career transitions don't just happen. This interview with Clarissa and Louise is one for you if you’re trying to find your way in the corporate space, especially if you’re mid-life and wanting to shift into more meaningful work. Much of what we talk about also translates into the entrepreneur space too!

We dive into important topics like:

  • How we give our career choices away to our employers
  • How/why we struggle to get it back
  • Where can we start to regain our autonomy in our careers and a place to start
Navigating Career Transitions Episode card of Painting Your Path

Discover how you might be unknowingly surrendering control of your career path to your employer, leading to stagnation and dissatisfaction. Learn practical strategies to reclaim your career autonomy and see how career coaching can support you in navigating your journey towards greater fulfillment.

How to Regain Career Clarity with a Career Transition 

As a career coach for over seven years, I’ve had the privilege of guiding professionals from all walks of life through their career transitions. After leaving my corporate role in IT and product development, I dedicated myself to helping others navigate their career journeys. People come to me with a myriad of concerns: lacking clarity about what’s next, low self-confidence shaping their options, being overlooked for promotions, struggling with office politics, feeling disconnected, and wanting to make a difference without sacrificing compensation.

The reasons are many, but at the core of each one is a common thread: unknowingly surrendering their career path to employers and organizations.

The Problem: Surrendering Control of Our Careers

Many professionals unknowingly relinquish control over their career paths. This often happens because they rely too heavily on employer guidance or lack the confidence to advocate for themselves. They fall into the trap of letting others define their roles and career trajectories, leading to a sense of being boxed in.

The Impact of Giving Up Control

The short-term and long-term consequences of giving up control can be profound. In the short term, professionals may find themselves feeling unfulfilled and lacking enthusiasm for their work. Long-term effects include stagnation in career growth and the stifling of creativity and passion. By fitting into someone else’s mold, they miss out on opportunities to explore their true potential and passions.

Recognizing the Signs

It’s crucial to recognize the signs that you are giving up control of your career. Key indicators include feeling boxed in, a lack of enthusiasm for your work, and a sense of stagnation. If you find yourself going through the motions without a sense of direction or purpose, it’s time to reassess your career path.

The Role of Career Coaching

This is where career coaching comes in. Career coaching can help you navigate this journey by providing personalized guidance, accountability, and support. A career coach helps you identify your strengths, clarify your goals, and develop a plan to achieve them. With a coach, you can regain control of your career and make informed decisions that align with your values and aspirations.

Free Resource: Career Clarity Assessment

To assist you further, I offer a free Career Clarity Assessment. This guide is designed to help you navigate moments of uncertainty and discover the path to greater fulfillment. By taking this assessment, you can gain clarity and take control of your career path. You can find the link to the free Career Clarity Assessment in the podcast show notes.

Reclaiming control of your career is essential for achieving satisfaction and growth. Recognize the signs of surrendering your career choices, and take proactive steps to regain control. Career coaching can be a valuable resource in this journey, providing the support and guidance you need to succeed.

I discuss all of this and more in Episode 111 of The Painting Your Path™ podcast with Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey. This episode is a must-listen for anyone trying to find their way in the corporate space, especially those in mid-life looking to transition into part-time work. We delve into how we give our career choices away, why we struggle to get them back, and where we can start to regain our autonomy.

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