A Journey of Unseen Opportunities

I recently connected with someone on LinkedIn, and her career journey got me thinking about the diverse paths we all take in pursuit of success. Not every climb leads up the corporate ladder, and that’s the beauty of it! As a firm believer in embracing unique career journeys, I discuss this topic on my podcast every week. 


But one particular journey left me genuinely curious to learn more. So, as we chatted back and forth via DMs, she shared the exhausting struggles she faced in her job hunt—sending out over 400 resumes, connecting with recruiters, and feeling lost after a layoff from a prominent tech player. It was evident that the traditional job search had left her feeling drained and still searching for her ideal role in the hidden job market.

But here’s the thing….

When you approach the job search (for any reason) by waiting for things to come your way, the only thing you are doing is giving your power away. Your career journey is yours and yours alone and it is one where you should be always behind the wheel. The traditional approach to job hunting involves submitting resumes to job boards or directly applying to companies. This method is more well-known and often the first step for many job seekers but only sucks energy and time.

Unlocking the Hidden Job Market

Traditional job searching methods, like submitting resumes to online job boards and applying directly to companies, have their limitations. According to respected sources such as Forbes, Payscale, Linked In, and Indeed,, a significant portion of job opportunities remains hidden from public postings, constituting up to 80% of available positions. Uncovering these elusive opportunities requires a strategic approach that extends beyond mere job applications.

According to the latest Jobvite survey, even recruiters are only using the job boards 34% of the time to attract talent. Infact, the same survey outlines these recruitment strategies as the top 5 channels in 2021:

  • 46% — social media
  • 40% — LinkedIn
  • 36% — employee referrals
  • 34% — job boards
  • 29% — recruiter’s professional network

As you can see, not all the channels are public since there are different dynamics at play. Rather than waiting for the right hire to apply, recruiters are getting more proactive and go searching for suitable candidates.

And if you are out there looking for the right recruitment firm, the right company, or the right next role you increase the odds of you landing the right role exponentially.

Working with a career coach before engaging with a recruiter (both a firm or one at an organization you are dying to work for) can be advantageous for several reasons. Career coaches offer personalized guidance and support to help individuals clarify their career goals, enhance their skills, and navigate the job search process. Here are some reasons why someone might consider working with a career coach before a recruiter.

The Power of Effective Networking

In the hidden job market, networking reigns supreme. Successful candidates who find themselves in coveted roles are often the ones who possess a robust and well-nurtured professional network. This is where career coaching can be your secret weapon. By partnering with a career coach, you gain access to personalized guidance on how to build, nurture, and leverage your network effectively. A career coach empowers you with the skills to foster authentic connections, opening doors to hidden job opportunities that may have otherwise remained out of reach.

Driving Personal and Professional Growth

The journey to career success is unique for every individual, and a career coach understands this intrinsically. Through tailored self-assessment exercises, a career coach helps you gain a deep understanding of your strengths, values, and aspirations. Armed with this self-awareness, you set clear and targeted career goals, embarking on a purposeful journey toward personal and professional growth.

Strategic Career Planning

Creating a comprehensive career plan is essential to navigate the job market strategically. Career coaches possess invaluable expertise in aligning your skills and experiences with suitable career paths and industries that align with your aspirations. With their guidance, you gain the clarity and confidence to make informed decisions and pursue roles that resonate with your true potential.

Identifying Key Skills in the Hidden Job Market

In today’s competitive job market, honing your skills is a crucial aspect of career success. Identifying areas for skill development can be provided from the hidden job market. Talk to coach or reach out to folks on LinkedIn who can provide access to valuable resources, courses, and certifications. By investing in continuous learning and skill enhancement, you bolster your employability, positioning yourself as an irresistible candidate to potential employers.

Confidence and Resilience

Navigating career transitions, job rejections, and lay-offs can be emotionally taxing. A career coach serves as your unwavering pillar of support, offering encouragement and motivation to keep you focused on your career journey. With a strong support system in place, you develop the resilience needed to overcome challenges and emerge stronger in the face of adversity.

Building Your Job Search Dream Team

Recruiters and job boards can be valuable partners in the job search process but career coaches play a different role by focusing on the your overall career development and guiding you through each step of the job search journey. Working with a career coach before engaging with a recruiter can equip you with a well-defined career strategy, making you a more attractive candidate to potential employers. Instead of randomly applying for job openings, be more proactive and strategic with your approach.

And please stop sending out 100’s of resumes.

It’s not a quantities game.

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