In the pursuit of career success, we often encounter the ubiquitous mantra: "Give 110%!" While seemingly motivational, this notion of surpassing our limits has ingrained itself in our cultural lexicon as a misguided myth—one that can impede rather than propel our career planning endeavors.

Recently, on our podcast, my colleague Kim and I engaged in a conversation with Katie Latham from Changemaker Careers, shedding light on the fallacy of the "110%" mindset. [Listen to the insightful discussion here]

Dispelling the Fallacy of Giving 110%: 

The reality is simple yet profound: one cannot give more than they possess. Contrary to popular belief, career success isn't synonymous with exhaustive effort; rather, it stems from strategic planning, deliberate action, and assuming ownership of our professional destinies.

Assuming Ownership of Your Career: 

Let's delve deeper into the proactive approach required for effective career planning. It's crucial to recognize that this journey isn't a passive spectator sport but rather a proactive endeavor where one steers their own ship. Waiting passively for opportunities or relying on external factors to shape our paths seldom leads to desired outcomes.

Navigating Your Career with Purpose: 

From my extensive experience in career development coaching and training, I advocate for a directional approach to career planning—one that embraces uncertainty while taking deliberate steps forward. Even amidst ambiguity, each step you take contributes to your progress, steering you closer to your aspirations.

Essential Strategies for Empowering Your Career Journey:

  1. Self-Reflection: Lay the groundwork for your career plan by understanding your strengths, values, and passions. This self-awareness serves as the bedrock of a purpose-driven career trajectory.
  2. Strategic Goal Setting: Define actionable goals that align with your aspirations, breaking them down into manageable steps. By combining overarching objectives with incremental actions, you chart a clear roadmap for your journey.
  3. Continuous Learning: Remain agile and relevant in a dynamic job market by investing in skill development. Identify areas for growth, pursue learning opportunities, and glean insights from peers to inform your professional decisions.
  4. Strategic Networking: Cultivate meaningful connections within your industry to expand your opportunities and gain valuable insights.
  5. Proactive Career Conversations: Take the initiative in discussing your career aspirations and growth plans with your superiors. These conversations facilitate alignment and provide clarity on your path forward.
  6. Job Crafting: Tailor your role to leverage your strengths and passions, seeking out projects that align with your career objectives.

Embracing a Strategic Mindset: 

The pursuit of career success transcends the notion of giving 110%. Rather, it entails making informed choices, setting achievable goals, and navigating your professional journey with intention and purpose.

Remember, the most fulfilling careers are built on a foundation of strategic planning and personal accountability, not on unrealistic expectations.

Together, let's dispel the myth of 110% and forge a path toward a more purposeful and rewarding career journey.

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Here's to purposeful career planning and the incredible journey that lies ahead!

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